About Us


January 2018, our founder Homer Hochstetler resigned from his position as a Vegetation Management specialist and create his own Vegetation Management Company. With his core focus of Honoring God and Enriching lives, Homer soon acquired his first contract and was soon on his way.

September 2019, Homer expanded Tree Servants with the purchase of Cut-Rite Tree Services. As a subsidiary, Cut-Rite brings residential services and over 30 years of experience to the family.

Tree Servants and Cut-Rite Tree Services are a full-service vegetation management company is located in Bremen, Indiana. We are a first-generation, family-owned business, and proud of our reputation as a dependable and quality-oriented arbor care services company. Our customers have depended on us for their tree care needs for more than 30 years.

Core Values

  1. Professional
  2. Honest & Loyal
  3. Enthusiastic & Passionate
  4. Committed to Growth
  5. Team Player

Core Focus

  1. Honor God & Enrich Lives
  2. Safe & Reliable
  3. Quality Workmanship & Cleanliness

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