Utility Services

The Tree Servants Advantage

Specializing in commercial services. Tree Servants provides a wide range of right of way maintenance services. Whether you are a Utility, Road Commission, DOT, Gas lines, etc.  We will meet your needs with our safe and reliable Vegetation Management company.

Herbicide Spraying

We will control your vegetation with specifically blended herbicides that meet your needs. Herbicide application is a key part of Tree Servants IVM (Integrated Vegetation Management) program.  Removing weeds while controlling grass growth reduces mowing cycles while maintaining nice grasses.


Whether for managing utilities right of way, developing commercial and residential property, or almost anything else, you must first clear the land. Tree Servants offer mechanical cutting, mulching, clearing, and mowing. Our equipment leaves the area ready for the next project.


Reclaiming right of ways is our passion. We reclaim right of ways by mechanical, manual and or herbicide. Our mechanical trimmers, climbers or boom trucks trim in those hard to reach places while the licensed applicators are ready to apply blended herbicides.

Emergency Services

In a time of crisis, we are here for you! Give us a call and we will expedite your request.

Work with a Vegetation Management company that treats you like family.

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